Software is intended for developers who release sources of their applications in an archive. It automates zipping of software source codes for contributing them to, and by setting custom filters (automate build, zipping in ui and ms build task).

Software automates creating of so called 'update packets': you can select folder and it will pack all modified and created files starting from specified date. It saves original folder structure. You can create update packets for small sites (consisting from html pages and powered by hands) and incremental backups.

Also software may be used when creating binary software zipped packages with use of 'archive design mode' feature:
you can bind any folder or file to any place in archive you want.


- zipping files with exclude files and folders with masks and creation/modification time filters;
- design of archive contents from different dirs and files;
- scripting support, ms build support, nice gui for changing zip tasks;
- support for non-english file names
- template name for produced archive with supporting of increment, date and version autoinsertion
- freedom for modifications. If it does not suit you, you can easily improve it. Here's a production code quality so you can easily adopt it to your needs

Main Good News of 5.9 Version


1. Documentation was reworked.
2. ExtractVersionFromAssemblyFile works with any dll and exe (non assemblies of .net) either.

Probably that's the last release of project.
If you have any needs or find issues you can use issue tracker.


This is a public domain open source software, a gift for people with similar needs. No warranties, guaranties and responsibilities.


- English
- Russian
- Deutch

Great people whose work make this project better

Nicolai Stoy made available for potential 82.5 millions of German users to use this program with comfort by making Deutch translation

Eugene Sichcar created wonderful wrapper around 7-zip.

Igor Pavlov created mega archiver 7-zip. Fast reliable, twice highest compression ratio.

Some images


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